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Health & wellbeing in the workplace

Ensuring good health and wellbeing in our workplace is extremely important to us. Making sure our staff are happy and healthy helps us to maintain a positive environment, so that we can continue to provide high quality service.

This means that we can produce exceptional results, maintain a low staff turnover, high levels of engagement and a more innovative environment. Within the workplace, we all work together to develop artisan sandwiches, bespoke meals and catering with a fine attention to detail. We really value individual team members and their wellbeing.

Companies can suffer a large financial cost due to the poor physical and mental health of employees. However, we like to approach our staff’s health as a core business strategy to improve productivity and company culture. This is important to us to improve morale and relationships amongst colleagues; provide outstanding customer service and satisfaction and a create a positive environment for staff to really enjoy their work.

How can we help you improve YOUR health and wellbeing?

As a company, we are proud to provide customers with fresh ingredients and meals that can be tailored to you. This includes our healthy eating plans to work around your personal lifestyle. According to the Mental Health Foundation, there is research to suggest that what we eat affects our mental health and wellbeing. We even offer deliveries of fresh fruit, veg & vitamins. The consumption of more fruit and vegetables is associated with reduced depression. We can work together with you to develop an eating plan to incorporate into your healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Creating a well-balanced and nutrient-rich diet will help prevent many serious diseases and conditions. This is pretty great since it can mean lower healthcare costs for your company, fewer sick days, and just a generally healthier workforce. There may also be a connection between physical wellbeing and engagement, meaning that healthier employees tend to be more focused and productive at work.

For a bespoke health & wellbeing plan for your company please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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