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Post Covid-19 in the hospitality sector

I cannot predict the future but changes will have to be made!

Will Public Health England implement changes to the hospitality industry?

Sooner or later we will all get the go ahead to go about our normal daily lives whether that be the end of May or well into June but we all know there will be changes ahead. Businesses could take months to get back to how they was pre Covid-19 . Apprehension, fear and the economy will all play a factor on how quickly bushiness return to normal. We look at how further measures will keep our customers and staff safe and at ease.

We will be ready!

Personal temperature checks and logs! not only will we be recording our fridge temperatures daily each member of staff will have there temperature taken and logged before entering the place of work.

Certified refresher hygiene courses to be taken with extra training to be given around the spread of Covid-19. Extra training may involve hand washing and although "wash your hands" has always been the mantra within the kitchen investing extra time into the aggressive hand washing routine and the use of gloves when required will be even more crucial.

The use of masks become mandatory is a very strong possibility and fully sanitized clothes to be worn after entering the workplace before each shift.

We could also see more frequent health inspections. More safeguarding forms and more interaction with local health authorities keeping fully updated on new practices.

Social distancing between employees could be carried out well into next year until a vaccine is developed to ensure we can move about without fear and trepidation. With such small space in some kitchens some companies will have to make significant changes to cope with increased demand.

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg on this subject and i'm sure businesses will be getting creative in new ways to overcome this new way of life and the effect it has on us. Feel free to share your thoughts on this subject and how we can help each other going forward.


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